Today we are continuing to part 2 of our how to begin post from last week, so let’s get back to it.

Once you have narrowed down your location options, you then need to figure out your real estate strategy. Do you want a buy a home to rent, do you want to buy a home in order to develop/fix it and sell, do you want to partner with other investors or realtors and invest in a multi-family rental property, you could also keep the property as a vacation rental, depending on the location.

These decisions all depend on what your plan is, do you want to invest in real estate to supplement your income, do you want to make it your career, or do you see yourself as a real estate mogul? These questions may seem too much like “what do you want to be when you grow up?” but they are important because the answer is what helps you plan ahead, planning around one particular well thought out strategy is crucial because as a newbie in the real estate market focusing on one form of investment and learning everything you can about it will ensure your success and help you reach your end goal with fewer bumps in the road.

Finding a realtor ( and coming up with your own personal real estate strategy with the help of a real estate professional is a great way to start.

The real estate agent you use to settle on a plan of action ( can then help you find the right home/property to buy as your first investment. Not every property will give you the return you are hoping for, which is why knowing exactly what you will be doing with the home you buy will help you narrow down your search and not waste your time or resources.

The agent or realtor you work with will most likely know other real estate investors. You could choose to ask for an intro in order to ask a few questions and address some concerns, not every investor will be willing to talk to you, and the agent will mostly likely not ask every client they have to talk to you, but it’s worth talking to a successful investor simply because, so many people keep doing research, looking at properties, talking to realtors and never actually taking any action. Talking to someone may be the push you need.

You could also be too excited and want to do too much too fast, without enough experience and industry know-how, most investors you talk to will advise you to start slow and learn as you go.

These steps and pointers may seem like they are too simple and something you already know, but they are important enough to be repeated time and time again because the right planning and foundation and talking to the right real estate professional ( is important, especially since most people buy a home to live in, very few people buy a home to become an investor, so not every realtor understands the needs and strategies necessary to buy a home as investor. Make sure you know exactly what you want to do and talk to a real estate agent who works with other investors.

In conclusion, plan your every move, start slow and learn as much as you can, and connect with people who are experienced in the field of real estate investing and development (AIMN VALI ).

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