What is a Multi-Family Investment?

What is a multi-family property, and why is it important for you to know? Also known as a Multi-unit, a multi-family property is one building that is several separate housing units attached to each other or a complex with many of the buildings we described earlier. More commonly known as apartment buildings/complexes, condominium complexes.

A real estate investor or someone who is considering a career in real estate investing needs to be informed about these types of properties because ultimately the kind of return on investment you get from this type of rental property is significantly higher than buying a single family home in order to earn rental income.

Of course, a multi-family property is much more expensive than a single family home, however, it is easier to finance for a couple of different reasons. The first reason is that a large property can attract multiple investors, realtors, real estate agents (www.aminvali.com) and contractors. This allows you as an investor to be involved with other professionals, invest whatever amount you can afford and reap the benefits of your share of the investment. This also lowers your risk since any risk (very few in this case) is shared by multiple investors and not just you.

The other reason why this type of property is easier to finance is because, even though the loan amount may be higher, banks are more willing to finance a multi-family project because it leads to monthly rent cash flow, even if the property is not 100% occupied. Buying a single home to rent is a great opportunity to invest, however, if the tenant leaves, your property is at 0% occupancy and earns no income until it is rented again. If you invest in a 10-unit apartment building, even if only 9 are occupied, and only 8 always pay the rent on time, you are still earning steady monthly cash flow from 8 out of the 10 units. The bank sees this as a lower risk loan since the rental income will be able to easily cover the mortgage even if you are not at full capacity.

In conclusion, if you are looking to invest in real estate, you should educate yourself about multi-family investment projects and talk to a real estate agent (aminvali)or realtor who is experienced in these kinds of purchases and projects (www.aminvali.com) to see if it is right kind of investment for you. 

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