What kind of investor are you?

Successful investors tend to veer towards real estate. The world’s richest people have trillions of dollars invested in real estate and several of them created their fortunes with real estate. However, an investor doesn’t need to be already wealthy to invest in real estate.

Investors see the value of real estate since it is tangible. It not only helps diversify their portfolio is also has value in the long run which is tied to supply and demand (either one being high can be favorable to an investor), the act of developing the property to increase value and the demographics of an area.

The most common question for someone looking to invest in real estate is “how much do I need to invest?” (www.aminvali.com). To get started, depending on the type of investment you want to have, a newbie investor can spend anything from $1000 for a quick fix and flip (example: single family home), to $100,000 for a large project (example renovating an apartment complex).

Real estate investing is not only for buying a home to rent or flip or an apartment complex, it can also be investing in commercial properties, office buildings, store fronts etc. Residential is more commonly thought of since most people thing of a home as real estate or property, or they assume that real estate investing is just “flipping” a single-family home. However, since flipping requires a lot of hands-on work it is not ideal for all investors.

In conclusion, real estate investing can be done with very little capital or with a lot of capital, depending on what the investors wants to do. An investors interest in being hands-on on or hands-off also determines the type of investment they get into. As an investor or future investor, knowing your limited, your interests, your level of involvement, your future plans and many other factors is important. One way to figure these things out is to talk to a realtor or real estate professional who works with investors and understands the ins and outs of the industry from the viewpoint of investing and not just for buying a home to live in (www.aminvali.com).

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