Is investing during a time of turmoil a bad thing? 

Many people might consider investing during an economic crisis as bad or predatory. It is seen as taking advantage of the financial hardships of others. However, experienced investors and even real estate professionals ( will tell you that these are simply opinions and are not necessarily based on facts. 

When the economy is in turmoil, in this case from the COVID-19 pandemic, prices drop, confidence falls, people panic, some lose their jobs and there’s general unrest. Investors play a very important role at this point. Investors allow prices to bounce back up or remain relatively stable. Specifically, in the real estate market investors are important because otherwise the real estate market would come to a halt and property values would fall drastically.

Individual investors and REIGs, including Amin Vali Consulting Group, allow for more stability in the real estate market during an economic crisis (except for the crisis of 2008 since that crash was directly related to the housing bubble). The activity that takes place by investors, both buying and selling keeps the real estate market afloat until the economy stabilizes, and average home/property buyers and sellers resume their activities.

Investors play another necessary role when people need to sell their home or property when they have an economic hardship which is more common during a down market. An honest to goodness professional investor who is able to buy their home or property is not a predator who is taking advantage of them, even if the investor is interested in a “good deal.” It is difficult to imagine how badly the economy would be affected if investors didn’t buy or sell anything or if those in need of money were not able sell their home or property.

During a time of unrest, such as this pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn activity is important in the real estate market. It allows for property values to stay constant. However, without investors this would not be possible. If you are looking to invest, don’t worry, you are not doing anything to negatively impact the economy, instead talk to an agent and find out what the best option is for you (

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