Real Estate and Passive Income

Are you spending your days reading/hearing about the economy and the increased unemployment rates wondering what you would do if you lost your job? Wondering if you have a plan? Wondering if you have saved enough, if you earn enough, if you will have the type of life you have always wanted? 

These thoughts and fears are natural, they are even more natural during times like this, a health pandemic or an economic crisis. It is especially natural for those of us who rely on only one source of income and have a savings account that is just enough for emergency expenses, which is basically the majority of us. The answer to most or all of these questions is YES. 

Are you wondering if this article was written to just stress you out? The answer is no. Passive income has almost become a buzz word among young entrepreneurs and millennials. It’s almost fashionable to say that you want to have passive income. The issue is that most people have no idea exactly what it is, how it works, how you can attain it and why it’s important. 

Passive income is not a get rich quick plan or scheme that leads to a huge bank account overnight. Passive income is money you EARN (it’s not quick and easy but it’s attainable) without actively spending time on it the way you do at your job, which is basically an exchange of time for money whether you are hourly or salary. One of the best, tried and true, sources of passive income is real estate. It’s not cheap, it’s not easy and it’s not fast, but it is reliable, steady, and easily passed down to your children and family members. 

Any veteran investor will confirm the dependability and long-term potential of owning property. Experienced real estate agents rely on this knowledge among investors ( Don’t be discouraged if you are limited on funds, time and know-how to begin a real estate investment venture. A real estate agent or realtor worth their salt (Amin Vali Consulting Group) will be able to coach you, guide you and help you find the best option for your situation. You might benefit more from buying a home to rent out or flip or you might be better off investing with a real estate investing group like Amin Vali Consulting Group because you can’t afford to invest solo or because you want to have absolutely no risk when it comes to real estate investing. You might want to invest in a multi-family or commercial property to increase your income levels and without increasing risk. 

All you have to do is talk to a professional and see if earning passive income through real estate is a good fit for you and your future plans (

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