Successful Real Estate Investors

Owning real estate in the US is not that difficult, it is part of the American dream, and depending on your location, occupation, and basic financial responsibility you can, for the most part, get a mortgage and buy a home.

Investing in real estate isn’t that difficult either. With real estate investment trusts, real estate company stocks, real estate investment groups/clubs, you could, technically, invest in real estate with just a few thousand dollars.

However, a few thousand dollars doesn’t lead to “I can finally quit my job” type of income. Investing in real estate and being a “real estate investor” are not necessarily the same thing.

There are certain habits, actions, efforts, risks, and necessities that a person has to take into consideration if they really want to be a bonafide real estate investor. As the cliché goes: nothing worth having is easy, but we have to remember that compared to other entrepreneurial ventures, real estate has some incomparable upsides, including the fact that real estate will always have value. The structure and the land it sits on are tangible and always worth something.

Successful real estate investors rarely work alone. They work with experienced real estate agents, and other successful investors. They consult, organize, lay out plans, calculate finances, expenses and potential profits, they look into the potential risks and plan to work around them.

Successful investors do research and talk to the right people, they have good knowledge and understanding of the market. They build a strong network, they know when to ask for referrals and they work with a knowledgeable financial professional and accountant.

These, now successful, investors were not born real estate savants, most of them start with one property, one loan, one goal and work their way into being successful investors who enjoy the benefits that come with that kind of career. They developed the knowledge they have over time, they learned that they need to work with good real estate agents (, they learned about the benefits of real estate investing groups (Amin Vali Investments), over time they realized that they need financial guidance and a good accountant. These are things you can do too, the biggest difference between you and an already established successful investor, is that the information is much more readily available now compared to before. You can effectively learn from someone else’s mistakes and successes, without ever having to meet them or work with them.

Essentially, it would be easier for someone to start now and be successful, because everything they need to know about how someone else was able to do it, is at their fingertips, and at the fingertips of the real estate agent, financial professional, accountant and investors they work. 

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