Seller’s Market 

As we’ve mentioned before and as you have probably heard from people you know, the real estate market is currently a hot seller’s market. What does that mean? It means seller’s have the upper hand or the advantage in the market right now. This is caused by many things; however, the biggest reasons are the low mortgage rates and the lack of available inventory.

If you decide to sell in a seller’s market then not only will your property sell much faster, it could also receive multiple offers and be sold above asking price.

According to, even if your property is considered unique or difficult to sell, a seller’s market will give you a chance to sell it in the best possible manner.

This all doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put in any effort at all to sell, it just means that your efforts will be truly worth it.

Amin Vali Real Estate Investment is obviously here to take much of the effort and burden off your hands. We have also compiled a list of things that you can do (with our help of course) to take advantage of the current seller’s market.

Be sure that the property is cleaned and spotless both inside and out, and the furnishings or staging is done perfectly.

According to Friday is the best day to post your listing and make sure the pictures are in good quality with no color imbalances. A virtual tour is also very important, especially now.

If you do receive multiple bids, don’t just look at the bid they are offering, look at their financing, their down payment amount, if they are waiving any inspections or contingencies. Don’t get emotionally involved if buyers send personal details or pictures of their family/children etc.

Once you have looked at everything you can decide to either accept one of the offers or put in counter offers to the strongest candidates.

There are many other strategies and many other steps that you can take, which we will discuss in the future, as we gather more of our expertise and experience and learn from other sources and professionals. In the meantime, if you have a property to sell, talk to Amin Vali so he and his team can help you take advantage of this golden seller opportunity that won’t last forever. 

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