Selling During the Pandemic

Whether you’re a first-time seller or you have experience selling a property, selling during a pandemic is a new experience for us all.

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way people sell their homes and many of the changes will remain long after the pandemic is over. For more details about the steps real estate agents are taking to ensure your safety while getting the best possible price you can always reach out to Amin Vali Real Estate Investment.

One of the best parts of selling a property is closing day, when you finally sell the property and the process is over. However, the pandemic has changed the process a little bit. Closings are now happening curbside and with “no-touch” procedures. You are no longer in an office or conference room with an attorney. Instead (according to Proper Title LLC) the papers are prepared ahead of time and you sign them in your car with a title expert of notary standing outside your car. Depending on the laws in your area, if virtual notarizations are permitted, then signatures can be collected online with the use of reliable sources.

Due to the time saving features of virtual closings, and young home buyers being partial to doing everything online, this process will likely continue after the pandemic.

Because showings are more challenging now and take some coordination and obviously come with some risks right now, you can no longer get away with putting up a few mediocre photos and simple descriptions and hope that people will show up to your open house.

The online or virtual impression your property leaves is very important. The pictures have to be in great quality and abundant. The posting will also have to have a very well written description of the entire property. Virtual showings will likely stay and be part of the norm due to the convenience and time saving factors.

If the photos are good, the description is good and you have a high quality comprehensive virtual tour, you may even be able to sell your property sight unseen. This concept was unbelievable to most before the pandemic; however, the market has seen a huge spike in such purchases in 2020.

Selling your property now during a seller’s market may seem complicated, however, technology has eliminated the need to risk your health or to wait for a later date (when the market may not be so hot). Have more questions, reach out to Amin Vali for a more personalized summary of your options. 

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