Pushing past the concerns of 2020

2020 was a year of many firsts and many historic things, one of the most important ones for the real estate industry was the record low mortgage rates.

Borrowers had a chance to buy with unprecedented low rates or they could refinance and save thousands.

As 2021 has begun, so have many other things such as COVID 19 vaccines, a new administration, optimism with regard to the economy and additionally (according to CNBC) a slow rise in the mortgage rates.

Refinancers, and home buyers are even more motivated now because they can see that the chance to take advantage of these low mortgage rates is slipping away.

What does this all mean? The rush to buy is even stronger now, and the only hope is that those who were weary of selling last year will finally see all the benefits of selling during a strong seller’s market.

Those with concerns about making big financial decisions during a pandemic, an economic crisis, election year, and general uncertainty around the world, are very well justified. However, the real estate market has proven itself for the entire year of 2020 that these issues have not stopped it from moving and booming and growing.

Those with hopes of selling for the best possible price may need to fight through fears and concerns and take the steps needed now. Especially since so many precautions are now in place to buy and sell safely.

Amin Vali provides a mountain of support and concern and has the best intentions at heart. Amin Vali Real Estate Investing takes every step and measure to ensure the comfort and peace of mind for all their clients. The chance to make 2021 a new fresh start, away from the worries of last year is right here, right now.

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