The Basics of Multi-Family Investing

There is a lot of talk about multi-family investing recently. This is because it is one of the best ways to invest in real estate. Compared to other types of real estate, the risks are lower, the cash flow potential is higher, and it is usually easier to finance.

There are many websites, articles and tips and tricks on the internet that talk about this subject. What you really need to know about it comes down to a few basic things. Amin Vali Real Estate Investment can help you break down the pros and cons of a particular property and help you decide if it is the right one for you.

Multi-family investing is more expensive compared to a single-family home, however, since lenders know how well these properties do with rental cash-flow, it is easier to get financing for a multi-family property. Since you only have one property to rent for a single-family home if your tenant leaves then you are at zero capacity and have no cash-flow. In a multi-family property, it is virtually impossible, for all the units to be empty, especially in a strong rental market like California. You do not need an expert to tell you how difficult it is to apartment hunt in Southern California, and this is because demand is very high, and lenders are aware of this.

If you are an investor with plans to have a big investment portfolio, then multi-family investing is a top option for you. Your portfolio will reflect every unit in the property because you essentially own multiple apartments or units at once, instead of one single-family home at a time. When it comes to selling, you also have the option to sell the entire property at once or you can even sell the units individually and keep partial ownership. Many investors like the kind of options they get with multi-family compared to single-family.

If you own multiple single-family homes, in different locations, you will have to manage them all despite the distance, and cash-flow may not be strong enough to hire a property manager. However, with multi-family investing, you can manage multiple units at once or count on the cash-flow enough to hire a property manager. You can even have a property manager live in one of the units for free or for a lower price and have them manage the property for you, including finding and screening renters.

Multi-family might be a complicated process; however, they have been proven, over and over, to be a worthwhile investment. Amin Vali Real Estate Investment is here to help you.

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