How to own equity ?

Today we are going to talk about equity. This has recently become a buzz word while most people are not entirely aware of what it fully entails. Owning equity means owning something tangible and valuable or owning a piece of something with value. You can own equity in a company or property/real estate. 

Earning equity in a company is very valuable, however, it usually takes a lot of hard work and dedication to the company itself or a very large initial investment that rides entirely on the success or the failure of the company. 

Owning equity in real estate is a little simpler and doesn’t require as much business acumen and effort. A simple example would be if you purchase a rental property with 20% down and a $300,000 loan, the renter is effectively paying the monthly mortgage bill. Every year as the loan is slowly paid off your equity or stake in the property increases until you finally own the property fully when the mortgage is paid off in 20 – 30 years, depending on how much rent is being paid each month. This equity is not only tangible and valuable and asset that is paying for itself, it also gives you leverage. Owning equity gives you leverage for more loans, lines of credit, and even partnerships for future real estate investments. Take a few moments and visit our website to learn about your options and best possible prices and properties for you to be able to start building yourself a better future by owning equity. This kind of equity can be a source of income or even a great nest egg for your retirement. 

If you have bigger plans for your future Amin Vali ( is an expert is investment properties and development projects. You can learn about options to invest and own equity in larger multi-family properties that are move in ready for tenants or ready to be developed to sell or rent. 

You will have the chance to work with private owners/developers or with larger subsidiaries who work exclusively in the investment and rental property field while being as involved as you choose to be with the daily step by step progress of the project. You can gain equity, increase your assets and learn about the industry with very little risk, since real estate in the current climate is low risk (in a down economy real estate sells for less than its initial valuation during an economic boom) and also any existing risk is highly mitigated when you are only one of the investors and the project is handled by real estate professionals such as Amin Vali. 

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