Real Estate Investing Gives you Control

Today we are going to circle back and talk about another very basic advantage of investing in real estate.

Real estate gives YOU control over your money, your assets and your gains. Especially compared to  other investment options like the stock market which can be quite volatile and out of your control. The biggest point to make here is that you can’t sit in a boardroom and make decisions that could effect stock prices but with real estate there is limit to how high or how low a property can be valued and you can be fully aware of that window during all decisions and you will have professional like Amin Vali ( who is working with you one -on-one on a mutual goal.

If you invest in a project with multiple partners the goal is still mutual for every investor and decisions are still made as a group that involves YOU. You can work together to mitigate risks while you grow your assets and equity when investing in real estate, as an individual or with a group. When you are ready to find a deal or when you have a move in ready property, based on what the market looks like you can control what you buy, when you sell and when it’s better to rent the property out and chip away at the mortgage while you find a good buyer or figure out your next investment move. These decisions can all be made with a real estate professional with experience in investment properties ( 

“In conclusion, if you want control over your money and your assets and want to do things on your terms and your timeline real estate investing gives you the power to do so.”

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