To invest now or to wait?

With unprecedented low mortgage rates, the real estate and mortgage loan industries are seeing a sudden spike in home buyer applications, as people are trying to take advantage of the low rates.

This is great news for investors and real estate investment groups ( as well, since they can also buy a home or property at record low rates. All this excitement and activity in the real estate market will lead something that is a positive in one scenario and a negative in another.

Real estate prices rely heavily on the laws of supply and demand. In recent history demand for housing has been generally higher than the supply which is one of the reasons for the steady growth in real estate prices. The sudden spike caused by the low mortgage rates is great news for those who already own property and for those buying property now because the increased demand met with unchanged supply almost guarantees a rise in prices.

If you plan to buy a home or invest down the line you will have to pay a much higher price for it compared to if you buy it now. This is especially concerning since it is unclear if mortgage rates will stay this low in the future. What does this mean? It means that potential home buyers and future investors will not be as lucky in the future. We cannot predict what will happen to mortgage rates in the future, but we don’t need a crystal ball to clearly see that a spike a demand now will lead to an increase in prices down the line.

If real estate investing is part of your financial plan, if you have a dream home in mind that you want to buy, if you are after ways to earn reliable passive income then this point in the industry is it. It is the perfect time to buy before the rates go back up and the prices increase further.

Real estate professionals with investing experience at Amin Vali Consulting Group can tell you exactly what works for you, when is the best time for you, what you can expect from your investment strategy, and how you can change your financial portfolio, while the opportunities are so great. 

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