Push past the reasons that are holding you back.

If you are looking into investing options and growing your portfolio, you have some kind of plan or motivation that is pushing you to do it. Whatever your reason is here’s a little more information to give you that extra motivation to invest for your own sake or for the sake of your family.

There is always going to be fear and worry when someone is thinking about investing a big chunk of money or taking out a large loan to buy a home or property as an investment. However, time and time again we learn that those who made that leap and invested in real estate were able to see big returns in the long-term.

We are all dealing with COVID-19 and the economic downturn right now, however, there is a bigger issue that many of us are not paying enough attention to. Millennials and Gen Z, whether you are one or you are a parent or grandparent to one, are far from investing the way their parents and grandparents do/did. They either don’t have the means or know-how, or they are intimidated and skeptical due to the devastation they saw during the 2008 crisis. Many millennials are even hesitant when it comes to becoming homeowners. Their financial future is bleak, and it won’t be easy to change that without education, encouragement and guidance.

Where do you fall in this? Are you a millennial going against the grain looking to invest? Are you a parent planning for a better future for your children? Either way, you need the right information because buying a home to live in and making a purchase as an investor are not the same thing. Because for some a single-family home is the perfect investment while others won’t see results unless they go into multi-family investing.

Seasoned investors don’t work alone, why should you? Talk to a realtor or agent (www.aminvali.com) and ask questions. Let them address your fears and concerns. Mitigate risk by working with investment groups and consulting groups like Amin Vali Consulting Group and let someone else do the busy work for you while you learn the ins and outs of the industry. Take the first step whether it’s for your sake or the sake of your family. 

Amin Vali 

Civil Engineer, MBA, Real Estate Agent, Multi-Unit Construction Project Manager in California,

 USA Phone : +1(310)925-3878 

Web : http://www.aminvali.com 

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E-mail : amin@aminvali.com 


Facebook:amin vali

Realtor in Zutila Inc.


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