Real Estate: Rewarding Long-Term Relationship

All over the internet and among people you know, there is so much talk about the real estate market and how it will be affected by COVID-19. Most people are (most people with limited knowledge that is) think the prices are going to drop drastically. The truth is the prices have barely changed and, in some cases, gone up, because the supply and demand of real estate has equally dropped during the peak of the pandemic. Now that activity has gone up and the rates have dropped so low demand is bound to go up at a much higher rate than supply and prices will go up along with it. Meaning if you were in the market to buy a home or invest in real estate will have to spend a lot more money if you don’t act now. Or in addition to prices going up, since demand is higher than supply you could get stuck in a bidding war that you may not win, especially if you are hoping to invest in real estate and profits are the main motivating factor.

The California real estate market is very lucrative, but relatively expensive, taking advantage of the low mortgage rates and the relatively stable prices now, is one of the only ways to get into real estate investing in California without a large influx of capital (

Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to buy a starter home on a budget, or a potential investor or someone with some experience in investing, you must be thinking about real estate as a long-term commitment or plan. With owning real estate there is rarely ever a short-term plan unless you want to buy and flip a house, but even then, unless you are very experienced it will not be quick and it will be a while before you see large profits from flipping one house after another. Since real estate is a long-term commitment it is so much easier, cheaper and less scary when the loan you are committing to is at a record low interest rate and the location you chose has consistent increases in property values. The investment property you buy is long-term labor of love if you do it on your own and if you invest with a group (Amin Vali Consulting Group) it’s a long-term relationship with professionals in the industry who have the same goals as you.

These statements about long term commitment are not meant to be scary, they are meant to prove a point. Real estate is a long term relationship, especially if you are buying your dream home or when you are investing in multi-family or commercial properties, generally a very rewarding long-term relationship if done right ( It is so much better to start that relationship with a smaller financial commitment before the prices go up along with increased demand and before the mortgage rates come to a natural correction and go back up.

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