To REIG or not to REIG?

Real estate investing is a great opportunity with low risks and great long-term potential; however, it is not something you can do without knowledge and support. Real estate investing groups (REIG) or real estate investing consultants, such as Amin Vali Consulting Group, play a helpful role in these cases. Real estate investing groups have in house experts, realtors and real estate agents. This allows you to learn about the industry while getting the support you need to start your investing.

Any new venture is stressful and has risks, however, when your level of risk is minimized so is your level of stress. The reason why real estate investment groups are so successful is because several entities or investors invest in one project or property. This increases available capital and maximizes the potential for success and high returns.

Real estate investing groups ( generally invest in multi-family properties and complexes as well as other commercial property projects. Large scale rental properties (in the right location) will always be cash flow positive even when they are not at full capacity, due to their size. The benefits of cash flow from rental properties has been explain in previous posts, however, a simple example would be: if you own an apartment building with 8 units in it you have rental income from each unit that is occupied, so even if only 6 out of the 8 units are rented, you still have rental income from 6 of your “properties,” but if you decide to buy a single family home to rent out for income, if the family living in your home moves out you will immediately be at 0% occupancy with no rental income.

Real estate investing groups take these factors into consideration and find the best locations with the highest potential opportunities and they are specifically able to do so because they have the capital backing of several investors including you.

Buying a home, multi-family property or commercial property, whether you plan to sell it for a profit or keep it for a source of passive income is generally a great investment, however, if you don’t have the knowledge or property management experience you may lose the chance to benefit from your investment. An REIG fills the gaps and eliminates the risks of investing on your own (  

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