The Business of Real Estate

Investing in general seems like such an impossible thing to most of us. It is seen as something rich people do to get richer or that you must be a math or financial wiz to even think about it. There definitely are investments that only those with a lot of capital can do or those who have a very deep understanding of finances, however, most real estate investors start with a loan, motivation, and the support and guidance of some real estate experts and professionals ( Others simply took their loan/capital and invested in a bigger project run by a real estate investing group that pools the resources and the capital of several people and splits the profits accordingly (Amin Vali Consulting Group).

Real estate investing is like starting a business. However, most businesses need a lot more than just a loan and partnership with an investment group. When starting a business you need a product or service, you need a license or several licenses, there’s marketing and research, you have to worry about competitors, you need to develop a customer base, you have to worry about an online presence and customer reviews, you need suppliers and distribution, you might need employees, you generally have to work around the clock and most businesses don’t see a profit for at least the first year or two. However, being a business owner or an entrepreneur and realistically earning your income independent of working for someone else is the ultimate American dream. This dream is achievable but very not easy and takes a lot of blood sweat and tears. An investor is really a business owner who earns an income without working for someone else, but they don’t have to worry about all the things we listed for owning a business and several other concerns that a business owner may have.

Do you dream of quitting your job one day? Do you wish you didn’t have to work for someone else? Are you unhappy exchanging your time for money? Is your limited earning potential at your current job a sign of concern? Do you want to control your own schedule and spend more time with the people you love? This may sound like a script to a TV commercial, but it really is the truth about the kind of freedom you could have in the future if you take the right investing steps today.

Do you know who is independently wealthy, or on their way to it? Have you heard their story? Have you looked up real estate investors online and learned about how they started? Their stories tend to be similar. They all started with a single decision to give investing a shot. There have been very few points in our history when the real estate market was as primed as it is right now, with the low interest rates and the consequent increase in demand we will have, in the near future.

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