Mortgage rates have dropped again?!

The country has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for almost half a year and the financial ramifications are being felt by almost everyone, however, there are also companies and individuals who are in great financial shape.

This is either because of the industry they are in or because they have made the best of a bad situation. Have you ever had the opportunity to make lemonade out of life’s lemons?

There are several companies that are working hard and fast at finding a vaccine or medication to combat COVID-19, once one of them successfully comes up with a solution the pandemic will be over, the stock market will start to recover and the economy will stop suffering. This will be good news for the entire world, including those who have not had financial or medical hardships. We are all wishing and hoping for that day to come, however, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have our share of “making good of a bad situation” while the pandemic is happening.  

Once the pandemic TRULY subsides the stock market will recover, meaning the bond market will stop being a go-to for investors which will lead to an increase in mortgage rates. Once mortgage rates have a correction, we may not see such low rates again.

Refinancing your current loan, buying a new home, investing in real estate. These are options that are available to you at an interest rate that is the lowest the country has ever seen (

Historically, a pandemic has come around once every hundred years, this means we will have stories about what is happening for years to come. If investing in real estate now leads to changing your future and the future of your family, that will be the story you can tell in addition to stories about COVID-19 and how it changed the world. If buying your first home now is a happy story you can tell your children and grandchildren, it will change their perspective about your response to tragedy.

Do you feel a little motivated and inspired? Just remember, mortgage rates have dropped again! 

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