Homeownership and the American dream

Owning your dream home is part of the ultimate American dream. Whether the country is on the up and up or overcoming a crisis, the dream to be a homeowner does not change for most of us. Owning a home was something of value to our parents, our grandparents and those who came before them. To most of them, up until recently, this was an achievable dream.

With the housing crisis that occurred in 2008, the increase in competition in the job market, the extremely high levels of student loans, and general increase in living expenses, things have started to change over the past 10 to 15 years.

Millennials and even some of the younger Gen X population have either lost confidence and are skeptical of the real estate market or they may want to own a home, but it has been relatively difficult to do so. Owning a home has become so farfetched to so many that it is not even a priority for most until a much later age. Taking out a 30-year mortgage in your late 50s and early 60s, without a plan to pay it off early, can take a huge toll on a family. In many cases that seems like the only option.

Despite all of these upsetting changes, buying a home, flipping a home, selling a home for profit, fixing a home, giving a house a makeover, and even buying or making a tiny home are all still very important to the American people and culture. Some of the most popular TV shows have to do with real estate, homeownership, and investing.

Drastic changes in the real estate market are not very common, we are seeing one right now. Mortgage rates are at a record low and many have a chance to refinance or finally buy their first home. For those of us who see real estate as an investment opportunity the profit margins can change dramatic with even slight changes in the interest rates.

Individuals with good jobs and even good credit had difficulty affording to buy a home and this will probably be true again soon, except for right now. Mortgage rates are at a record low which means it is more affordable than it has been in the past decade.

A good real estate agent can help you figure out if it’s time for you to be a homeowner or not (www.aminvali.com). The thing we can all afford right now, is a conversation with a professional, an analysis of our finances and the will to try to achieve this part of the American dream. 

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