Shifting Real Estate Trends

Many of us are under the assumption that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on our daily lives is only temporary. However, many of the changes that have come about from the pandemic will likely stick around long after the pandemic is over.

Two of these changes are the workplace and the home. Many companies (before the pandemic) were almost certain that operating 100% online with all their staff working from home wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be feasible. Companies and corporations all over the country are successfully operating while almost all their employees are working from home. Many are even beginning to see the merits and making a shift towards going 100% online. One of the biggest examples of this is Facebook.

Many people are no longer motivated to live close to work and have the option to move to suburbs with more space and less money. Especially since they are spending more time at home and less time outside.

However, not every individual or family is willing or able to purchase a home at this point. What does this mean for the real estate industry and the real estate investors/developers? A market for rental properties, multifamily properties, and affordable condominiums has opened in less dense, less expensive suburban areas.

Real estate agents ( are seeing a big shift from cities to the suburbs, however, it is not all from people looking to buy a home. Some young families and professionals want to live in the suburbs, with more space, less people (safer considering the pandemic) and less money, but are not willing, ready or able to purchase a home.

Real estate investors with rental properties in such areas are able to rent these properties with ease. This trend will most likely continue over the next few years. So investors, developers and real estate investing groups (Amin Vali Real Estate Investment) are taking advantage of this opportunity and investing in properties in the suburbs. 

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