Timing and Location

The phrase “strike while the iron is hot” has never been truer in the real estate market. The industry as a whole is being seen as a shining light in the economy, however, like all good things, this too will eventually come to an end and the market will stabilize. The real estate market may not hit its peak for a while, but as demand goes up and construction hits the ground running, the price of raw materials, specifically, lumber is on the rise.

This price increase will mostly continue for some time and will affect both home builders and future home buyers. Since the price of real estate and raw materials like lumber don’t necessarily go up overnight, the metaphorical iron is going to be hot until it’s not.

One of the biggest changes caused by the pandemic is the large population of white-collar professionals working from home. With the commute no longer being an issue, new areas that were previously not seen as attractive are slowly becoming popular.

Young families want more space at home, but at a reasonable price. This is a rare combination in California. One of the few locations that does offer this combination is the Inland Empire. With the work commute no longer being a concern, real estate professionals (www.aminvali.com) are seeing a shift in demand for housing and for construction in the Inland Empire, where there is an abundance of space at relatively lower prices (compared to nearby Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego etc).

In real estate, whether you are investing, buying, selling, or building/developing. Timing and location are everything. Based on the facts at hand, the market trends, the ongoing issues with the pandemic, and the permanence of some of the effects of the pandemic on the world around us, the time is now and one of the locations is the Inland Empire. 

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