Real Estate Syndication

Recently we have been discussing investment strategies that could be more viable for individuals who don’t necessarily have large supplies of capital to invest into real estate. Another great real estate investing strategy is syndication.

Real estate syndication is when two or more investors pool their finances and purchase a multi-family property. The expenses are split, any potential risks are split and so are the profits. The great thing about syndication is that you don’t have to be an experienced investor, and obviously, you don’t need to have all the capital necessary for that specific property.

There are obviously some details and matters and that have to be handled with care, such as contracts, legal matters, roles, etc. A real estate agent with experience and understanding in these matters is also important ( The more investors involved the more complicated these matters will be, however, more investors means less money is invested by each and less risk is taken by each.

When doing something like real estate syndication for the first time, many investors get involved with real estate consulting firms like Amin Vali Consulting Group to get guidance, information, support, and most importantly, help with each step in the process.

Many people go into real estate investing with friends and family, and although that can be a great thing, it can also be a difficult issue. Since the individuals involved are close to each other, sometimes there is a hesitation to talk to legalese, contracts, shares of the profit, and other uncomfortable matters involving money and if something or someone heads in the wrong direction.

Legally syndicating and having a real estate consulting firm be the “middle man” to set everything up perfectly, including incorporation, contracts, and so on will take away any potential ambiguity and allow for a smooth splitting of profits and handling of any upcoming issues like a decision to sell, develop, expand and so on.(Amin Vali Real Estate Investment Inc.)

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