The Phases of Syndication

Real estate syndication is a powerful yet slightly complicated investment tool. The world of real estate ownership, investing, and entrepreneurship may need a lot of research, knowledge, leg work, and effort in general. However, for many people who were willing to go through it all it has led to a life of comfort, liberty, and business ownership.

Obviously, will and hard work go a long way when it comes to taking on a new venture, however, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of others also plays an important part ( One advantage that real estate syndication has, simply put, is “you are not alone.”

Investors are attracted to syndication opportunities because it pools resources and knowledge. Knowing the advantages of syndication, we can dive a little deeper into how it works. Many syndications are created by investors who want to buy, fix, and flip properties for a profit. Normally, these kinds of real estate syndications involve three phases, keep in mind, that not all real estate syndication plans are made alike.

A typical real estate syndication brings the finances of individual investors and the management of a backer or firm together (Amin Vali Real Estate Investment).  The three most common phases of real estate syndication involve the origination phase which includes coming up with a cohesive plan, finding and acquiring the right property, promoting the property and most importantly, taking care of the legal matters such as registration and necessary disclosures.

The next phase is the operation phase which typically is handled by the backer or firm (Amin Vali Consulting Group). The managing parting handles the day to management of the actual syndicate as an entity and the property/properties that have been acquired.

The third and final phase of a full activity cycle in a syndication is the liquidation phase. For investors who want to fix and flip properties, this phase is all about selling the property for a profit and moving on to the next. For investors who are investing in rental properties, this phase includes generating monthly rental income and property management and moving on the next rental property.

What you intend to do as a syndicate and partners in real estate investing defines your steps and phases, however, there are standard practices such as bringing in professional management to provide support in all the phases.

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