Things are booming

As the pandemic continues so does the volatility in the stock market. People are losing trust in the stock market and they are also showing a lack of trust for the Federal Reserve’s ability to secure a more stable financial future. Many people are wondering if this will lower mortgage rates and further fuel the flame of the unexpected real estate boom.

Although the imbalance in the supply and demand of real estate has led to price increases, because of the record low interest rates, which may go even lower, the monthly mortgage payment can still be lower compared to homes bought a year ago when mortgage rates were higher and property prices were lower.

The real estate boom is likely to go on for years if things don’t change, which they probably won’t in the short term.

Although buyers are seeing a lot of competition and many sellers are being hesitant. The effort it would take to find and buy a property right now, can lead to long term benefits for home buyers and investors.

Investors are scrambling to buy property because they are so quick to sniff out an opportunity like the current boom. Since real estate prices are going up, many investors may not want to buy a property by themselves. Right now, is the perfect time for a new investor to partner with seasoned investors and investment groups (Amin Vali Real Estate Investment) to get their foot in the door with the backing of industry professionals.

The low mortgage rates will correct themselves eventually, however, the lack of supply (compared to demand) for property will keep prices high for a very long time. Which means buying a property now, with very low mortgage rates, and watching the property value go up for years to come, is an advantage that has rarely been seen in the real estate industry overall.

Real estate agents ( are in shock and awe of the huge boom in the industry especially while most industries are struggling during the pandemic.

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