Live on Iranian TV (ITN)

Chatting with Mr.Shabkhiz and Dear Soheila Golzar about Real Estate Property and Investment .

برنامه زنده درتلویزیون ایرانی با جناب حمید شبخیز و خانوم سهیلا گلزار در رابطه با خرید و فروش ملک و املاک و سرمایه گذاری در کالیفرنیا

TV Anchor, Mr. Shabkhiz ( With Deep Appreciation, He did an Awesome Job Interviewing me)

TV: Hello, hope everyone is doing great. We have great news for you today. Despite what everyone thought about Covid-19, we just learned from a real estate Expert that the sales are substantially up despite Corona.

TV:We would like to introduce you Mr. Amin Vali, he is a Civil Engineer, MBA and a licensed realtor and he has great knowledge about Real estate investment. Dear Amin, thank you for coming to our show. Tell us about yourself and then tell us about market.

Amin: Thank you. I am honored to be here to speak with lovely audience today. I grew up loving to be a businessman, I studied for it and then had my own business for years. I then got my MBA with focus on “Strategic Business Planning” and I am very happy about it. It has helped me a lot. As you mentioned and this may come as a shocking surprise but based on the website, the real estate purchase is up 50% compared to the last year and the inventory is down 40% and it would take a property to sell in about 52 days. 

TV: Oh, wow! This is a great and unbelievable news, we did’t think this would be the market reaction.

Amin: Yes, and one of the reasons are the interest rates of as low as 2.14%, which when you calculate it in 30 years it would be  a substantial saving and it is great.

TV: Yes, but not everyone qualifies for that rate right? So what is your suggestion for anyone that wants to buy or what is your overall suggestion about real estate?

Amin: My suggestion is that this is the best time to get involved in real estate. Real estate is the best investment. But it should happen through proper consultation and expert help. So feel free to contact me for initial, detailed consultation. But as far as real estate we are on the best time for buying, selling and long term or short term investing.

TV: can you ls explain what is the first step in doing all those?

For purchase it is either cash or loan. Cash can even be from outside of the country—to purchase or passive investment, we generally don’t have to have a visa.

For loan, we will have our team to qualify you for the best product in the market. We will find you a great happy home.

For sale, we have a very experienced and skilled team for staging, marketing and advertisement. First step is to give me an address and I have software’s that collect expansive real estate data and give you a report and in this market, your property might sell above listing price.

For investment, its either individually ( buy and hold for income or buy and sale as a fixer upper), also a great investment is entering the syndication. Syndication buys properties (under a group name) , builds and sells for profit. This is also a huge way to gain and make profit.

TV: Oh, wow! These were all great news, we are so happy to have you here today, we congratulate you for your great accomplishments and we ask the audience to call you for more detailed and individualized consultation! We want you to come back for more info and updated news!!! 

Now what is your favorite singer, we want to play one of his music..

Amin: I love them all, pls surprise me with a song!

TV: all Right dear, we will now have something from Iranian Diva , Ms Googoosh! 

Amin Vali 

Civil Engineer, MBA, Real Estate Agent

Amin Vali Real Estate Inc.

Persian Realtor,Persian Real Estate,

Cell phone: +1 (949)220-1000

Phone : +1(310)300-0011

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Facebook:amin vali

Realtor in Zutila Inc.


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