Finding Unique Opportunities 

As many seasoned investors and Amin Vali Real Estate Investment will tell you, the country is moving towards a renting trend. The changes and movement that is happening in the real estate industry is largely in part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many see the real estate market as an economic booster during these volatile times, which is true, demand for residential properties has gone up by 50% since this time last year and the supply has dropped by 40%.  However, there is the other less exciting side.

Commercial real estate, with office buildings remaining mostly empty or only partially used, and brick and mortar retail (other than grocery stores) taking a huge hit due to social distancing and the ease of online shopping, has been in decline.

Chances are that many of the negative effects we are seeing on commercial properties will remain permanent, especially since retail was already struggling even before the pandemic. Shopping malls are not nearly as productive as they used to be.

There is a very unique opportunity that most of us may not even see. Converting commercial properties into residential ones has been a time-honored tradition as trends, cities and neighborhoods grow and change over time.

Amin Vali Real Consulting Group can help you look into buying a commercial real estate, which can be extremely undervalued right now, at a record low mortgage rate, and convert that property into residential apartments. The initial financial commitment would be lower than it has ever been for someone hoping to buy a commercial property, but the long-term rewards are also, potentially, the highest they will ever be since the low mortgage rates we are seeing now will not last forever, and the rental market is also going to expand drastically.

You don’t see yourself owning rental properties? You would rather flip and sell? Amin Vali can definitely help with that since; you could also convert a commercial property into one or several single-family homes and sell them as turn-key properties to first time homebuyers. This is especially lucrative since there simply just aren’t enough homes available for sale compared to the number of people looking to buy.

Are you wondering why you didn’t think of it before? It doesn’t matter, because we are making you think of it now. 

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