Rezoning and Neighborhoods

Converting a commercial property into a residential home that you can sell or a rental property that you can rent out to tenants, is a worthwhile process, however, it involves a lot of steps and to-dos. Obviously, Amin Vali Real Estate Investment is a trusted resource and partner for your journey.

These are some of the initial steps you would need to take when you want to convert a commercial property in a residential home or multi-family property.

You need to be very careful with picking the right area. You have to make sure the area and the neighbors are “rezoning friendly.” This basically means you have to make sure you will not be met with opposition when you attempt to rezone the property. This brings us to another important step, get yourself familiar with local zoning laws and regulations. Amin Vali can be a great resource for you during this time.

You should do a little leg work and talk to the neighbors in the area. Talk to people who live and work in the neighborhood. You will want to initially find out how they feel about your plans, you will also need to develop relationships and make a good impression. The better your relationship with the neighbors the less trouble you will have as your plans progress.

Once you have found the right area and the right neighbors, then you will have to apply to have the property rezoned for residential use. Amin Vali Consulting Group has many resources and a lot of information that can help you with that.

Once you have applied your plans will be analyzed and you may have to make adjustments based on that. Once that is complete, local citizens (the neighbors you made friends with) will have a chance to express any concerns. Once that is complete local legislatures will take everything into consideration and make a decision to let you move forward or ask for some changes to be made.

These are some of the initial steps that you will need to take in this process. Converting commercial to residential is an incredibly fruitful investment opportunity, which is why many investors are ok with going through this process over and over again for every property they decide to convert. Of course taking advantage of the knowledge and help of industry professionals like Amin Vali makes the process much easier. 

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