Real Estate and the Winter Season

The winter season is typically very slow for the real estate market. The combination of cold weather and holiday plans leads to buyers and sellers putting off their plans until the spring. However, since 2020 hasn’t been a typical year by any standards, this winter is also not a typical winter for real estate.

One big reason for the increased activity in the real estate market is due to the low mortgage rates. Many people are predicting that any economic shifts that might happen won’t happen till at least the spring. If the economy starts to recover the stock market will recover as well will, which will affect bonds and in turn affect mortgage rates. Once this happens that the buying frenzy and uptick in prices we are seeing now will slow noticeably. Which means seller power will be reduced as well.

The pandemic has also led to lockdowns and work from home orders which has led many people to want bigger homes. We can’t reasonably predict when this will change but once people don’t need to spend so much time at home, the need and want for a bigger space will reduce which will also reduce seller power.

The country does have a housing supply shortage right now, however, there is a big push for construction happening and also the lack of use for retail spaces has increased activity in the commercial to residential conversion strategy. Which means the supply and demand gap will eventually get smaller and smaller. Which will then reduce seller power.

Are you noticing a pattern? We are too. Right now, home sellers have the upper hand in many ways, however, home buyers are not being deterred by everything that is going on right now. The thing we need to remember is that this is all temporary, at this very point in time sellers are able to get top dollar for their properties and buyers are willing to pay.

Since this won’t go on forever, the typical winter pause in real estate activity is lifted and sellers need to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are a little weary or confused, you can talk to Amin Vali and his associates at Amin Vali Consulting Group and get some answers and more data to help you make better decisions.

If you are an investor and unsure if it’s a good time to sell, you can refer to Amin Vali Real Estate Investment for more answers. 

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