New Real Estate Trends

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, looking to upgrade, have a property to sell, or an investor, it is important to know and understand recent real estate trends. The trends that are happening right now are even more important since experts are predicting that these trends, although caused by the pandemic, will last long after the threat is over and under control.

Working from home for many professionals is and will remain to be the new normal, which means buyers/renters are now looking for that extra space they can use to work. Many real estate professionals like Amin Vali are seeing a new wave of interest in a “zoom room” where they can do video calls and conferences without a distracting background and disruptions from the rest of the household.

This is important for buyers and sellers alike because a buyer will have to pay attention to these details especially if that is important to them. It is key to make sure that what is being advertised actually matches the home. Amin Vali Consulting Group has become an expert in seeing truth in advertising and catching mismatches when it comes to a posting or a description of a home.

Buyers have to adjust their views of what they want and need from a home depending on the permanency of the changes the pandemic has made to their lives. Sellers need to understand what new buyers need and make necessary changes to give the buyer what he/she wants in order to get top dollar for their property.

More and more people are interested in having a big backyard or outdoor space on the property, since spending time outside is not what it used to be. This way families can spend time outside and be active without risking the virus and without needing PPE.

Investors looking to fix or develop a property must take these things into consideration. Depending on the type of property providing an indoor workspace/video conferencing space and some outdoor activity space is possible and will attract more buyers/renters to the property. Amin Vali Real Estate Investment can help new and seasoned investors make the necessary adjustments.

Many people have been leaving cities in order to live in less crowded more affordable areas, that doesn’t mean they can all afford to buy a home. Investors who cater to the new trends for working professionals and families, have the best chance of attracting quality renters who can pay good money for rent, especially relative to high rental prices in big cities. 

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