The phrase “it takes a village” is normally used for raising a child, however, recently it is being used to describe the effort it takes to find the home. The pandemic has changed so much, including our priorities. Priorities about almost everything have changed, including when looking for the right home.

Yes, people are looking for more space inside their home and in their backyard, but since we spend so much time at home, we most likely see our neighbors and neighborhoods a lot more than our friends, relatives, and co-workers.

Wanting a safe neighborhood has always been on top of every family’s list, however, wanting friendly neighbors, although a plus, was not a deal breaker or maker for anyone, until now.

Young families with children being home-schooled want to be able to see their children socialize, and neighbors play a big role in that scenario. People also don’t want to be close to people who differ too much from them politically, especially if they are looking for a neighborly relationship or for children to play with their kids.

A recent survey has shown that 69% of people have developed relationships with their neighbors, during the pandemic, and 65% made an effort to be more friendly to their neighbors. 54% said they have had socially distanced get-together with neighbors outside their homes.

Real estate agents like Amin Vali are limited on what they can and can’t say about a neighborhood, so it takes effort, time and creativity to find the perfect neighborhood.

Speaking to actual people in the neighborhood, talking to local businesses in the area, gathering up as much as you can get from the agent or an agency like Amin Vali Real Estate Investment, asking friends and family who might be familiar with the area. Talking to someone in the school district, even if the schools are not technically open, you can still get information about the neighborhood.

We need to keep our sanity by keeping our human connections alive, this pandemic has proven the importance of a good friendly neighborhood when buying a home, with good local businesses who need the support more than ever before. 

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