Sell and Invest

Do you have a property that you aren’t using and wondering why you should sell it? Besides the fact that you will be selling in a seller’s market with bids above asking price, you will also have an opportunity to invest the profits in some of the best investment opportunities 2021 will have to offer.

According to there are 5 major real estate investment opportunities that you can take advantage of in 2021. You can also talk to us at Amin Vali Real Estate Investment for a more personalized list of opportunities.

Because of the shift to online shopping, working from home and the rise of companies like Airbnb, there are so many retail locations, office spaces and hotels that are unused and essentially unwanted right now. A savvy investor can turn those spaces into residential property for sale or to rent (we all know how high the demand for residential property is right now).

Industrial real estate for holding and storing consumer products, cold storages, distribution centers and data centers have been experiencing a huge boom with the shift of brick and mortar to online, for essentially everything, from groceries to industrial tools and supplies. Industrial real estate is a shining light in the commercial real estate market.

Unfortunately, with the economic crisis of 2020 that was predicted and made far worse by the pandemic, there will be a huge wave of foreclosures on non performing mortgages. We realize this is a sad fact for many families in this country, however, these properties will be sold at bargain prices, and you can be one of the potential buyers.

Even though the rental market is experiencing a boom due to the lack of inventory for buyers. There are certain parts of the country, such as high density over populated neighborhoods, that are experiencing a downturn, because people are moving away from those areas since they are working from home and have no reason to pay the high rent prices anymore. Some are just unable to pay rent and are being evicted. This is leaving those particular landlords in a tight bind. Although this is a sad fact for the current owners, this is an opportunity for you to sell your current property at a high price and invest in a rental property with great future potential (the pandemic will not last forever) at a bargain price.

Finally, and most importantly, you can take advantage of the fixer-upper opportunities that are all over the place right now. Buyers that are actively causing the boom in the market are looking for move-in ready turnkey properties and they are willing to pay top dollar for it. This is not going to change anytime soon, since inventory is low. Fixing and flipping is essentially how real estate empires are built. Clearly, we are only suggesting that you start with a single step in that direction. Amin Vali can help you make that step much easier. 

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