Your Personality and Buying a Home

Not everybody has the same priorities when it comes to shopping for a home. There are basic things that are more important to one person and irrelevant to another. A lot of these priorities or must haves depend on your personality type and the lifestyle you have based on your personality.

According to there are some basic personality types for home buyers and if you figure out which one you are it could help you find the right home in such a competitive market.

One of the personality types is the one centered around a young family. If you have little children and are looking for more space and are hoping to find the perfect home to raise your kids, then this is the type for you. In this case you would want to focus on an extra playing or activities room, a big backyard, ample storage, and an efficient laundry room. You will have to prioritize based on your wants and needs and consider your goals for the near future and for many years ahead. Child safety, privacy, and convenience might be on the top of your list and it may take precedence over some design features that you would like.

If you are the type of person who sees your home as your sanctuary away from everyone else and you want a comfortable place to relax, then your priorities may include a fireplace or a reading nook. If your idea of relaxation includes a view, then you can prioritize that over square footage or number of rooms.

Are you work-oriented? Is your day filled with plans and actions towards success? Then quick and easy, convenient, and organized might be on the top of your list. You may want to consider a home office or library. Think about your busy schedule and plan your home life around that, this will make it easy to define your wants and needs.

Do you like living in the heart of the city? Do you want to step out into the hustle and bustle of the city every morning? Then many of your priorities will be about what is outside more than what is inside. You will need to consider the importance of parking, proximity to public transport or grocery shopping. You will have to think about how important square footage and natural light are, because you may have to compromise those if you want to live in the city.

The final personality type is probably one of the most common, the entertainer. Do you love having friends and family over for dinner? Do you enjoy being the host for special events? The pandemic is not going to last forever, so you will be able to have people over once again. So, what do you prioritize for this lifestyle? You will probably need an open floor plan, a big gourmet kitchen, a big outdoor space could be a big bonus for you. You may even want to consider having a bathroom close to the living room and extra storage in your kitchen.

Figuring out the type of life you want to live will make it easier to get exactly what you need and forego the unnecessary features or spaces that you will never use. Especially now when there are so few homes on the market.

Talking to your realtor and explaining exactly the type of person you are, the life you want to live is the best place to start because they can help you make a list of priorities. Amin Vali Real Estate Investment can take the time to talk to you and plan your home shopping around your lifestyle and your priorities. 

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