Attracting the best buyers

Are you finally deciding to sell your property because you have heard about the high sale prices? Now is a particularly good time to sell, however, there are certain mistakes sellers make all the time that prevent them from selling at the highest possible price. Here is a quick list of some things you can do to make sure you get the highest possible bids.

Because of COVID-19, virtual tours and pictures have become more important than ever before, many buyers will not want to risk seeing a home in person unless they get a good impression of what they see online. In order to make sure you attract quality buyers with deep pockets you can have a professional take your photos and create the video/media for the virtual tour. 

Another thing you can do is stage the home. Statistically, staged homes are reported to sell faster and at a higher price compared to similar homes in similar areas. If you cannot afford to have the home staged, you can get a virtual staging company to stage your home in a virtual tour, which will cost less than actual staging but will still allow buyers to virtually see a staged home.

Another thing you should do is declutter the living areas and make sure everything looks spacious and organized. If an area is too cluttered the buyer will assume the home does not have enough storage space. Clutter also makes a room look smaller, and right now buyers are all after more space. You should also make sure closets and drawers are organized so the buyer does not get the idea that the drawers and closets are too small.

Be sure to also fix anything that is loose or broken, even if it is something tiny. If the buyer notices something that needs repair, they will assume there are many other things that need repair around the house.

Finally, even though colorful walls or ceilings might be beautiful to you, a buyer may see that as unattractive or a burden to paint over. Making the effort to paint any colorful walls a neutral color will help increase the value of the home in the eyes of the buyer.

These may seem like simple or unnecessary things to do during a seller’s market, however, as prices go up so do the quality and the expectations of the buyers who can afford to pay top dollar for homes right now. A quality buyer with deep pockets has more options than you think, so attracting someone with excellent finances will take some effort on your end but it will be well worth it.

Are you unsure about exactly what you need to do in your home or property? Do you need help finding the right professionals? Do you just want someone to help you every step of the way? Amin Vali Real Estate Investment can be there with you from start to finish. 

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