Return on Investment (ROI), Goal for smart Investors

Your investment strategy is fundamentally different when a market is not growing because it’s a zero-sum game; you must gauge which segment of the existing demand will be strongest. Single-family homes? Apartments? Ownership or rentals? The high or the low end of the market?

If you’ve already decided on a particular market, remember that this is a difficult time: be cautious, stick to the types of investments suggested by the price/rent ratio, and stick to the middle of the renter market – where you have the least risk of your property sitting empty.

With lots of renters, California is still a good place for investments in rental property, but these days it pays to be a bit more careful.

This increase in demand with the slow construction of new options means rental spaces are at a premium. Rental property owners can enjoy a strong and consistent ROI, something that everyone wishes they can earn from a rental property.

Strong Tourism Market -Even if you are an out-of-state investor, you can appreciate the various sights, attractions, and activities in California. You might even have come before with your loved ones. Now that you are considering investing in real estate, this is another good reason why you should invest in California.

Instead of leasing out your property traditionally, you can always choose to invest in a market that has a steady supply of short-term renters.

Low property taxes –California is among the top 10 most tax friendly states in the US.  Though property taxes are very high in Silicon Valley and other areas, the state’s overall property taxes are below average. For each $100,000 of assessed home value, the median property tax rate is $729. Low property taxes mean that real estate investors can enjoy a higher return on investment.

Optimize Your Investment Portfolio -Another crucial and realistic goal for new investors is to run your investment portfolio profitably. Doing so is essential for continued real estate investing success, so mastering this skill as early as possible should be a top priority

Increasing home values – In a recent California Housing Market Forecast, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) predicts that the median home price will increase by 1.3% to $648,760 in 2021. With the low inventory levels, it is expected that the local housing market will remain a seller’s market into 2022.

This is not everything about return on investment, we will try to focus on this important topic in next articles to describe the real estate investment steps with all details. Meanwhile it’s not a bad idea to pick up the phone and speak with one of the experts at Amin Vali Real Estate Investment team, they know everything about return on investment over real estate market, they have this honor to help many of happy clients to invest on real estate market to earn a great amount of return on investment.

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